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Highly evolved juvenile granites with tetrad REE patterns: the Woduhe and Baerzhe .. Jahn BM 4849
An ERDAS image processing method for retrieving LST and describing urban heat evol.. Sun, Qinqin 1608
Volatile Flavor Compounds in Yogurt: A Review Cheng, Hefa 1175
Geochemistry of the 755 Ma Mundine Well dyke swarm, northwestern Australia: Part o.. Li XH 1005
GeoPlot: An Excel VBA program for geochemical data plotting Zhou JB 994
SHRIMP zircon U-Pb geochronological and whole-rock geochemical evidence for an ear.. Ye MF 784
Study on REEs as tracers for late permian coal measures in Bijie city, Guizhou Pro.. Wang Q 769
Functionalization of halloysite clay nanotubes by grafting with gamma-aminopropylt.. Yuan P 757
Geochronological and geochemical constraint on the Cenozoic extension of Cathaysia.. Zhu BQ 746
The major components of particles emitted during recycling of waste printed circui.. Bi, Xinhui 702
Geochemical and Nd isotopic variations in sediments of the South China Sea: a resp.. Li XH 633
Geochemistry of petroleum systems in the eastern Pearl River Mouth Basin: evidence.. Zhang SC 623
U-Pb zircon geochronology, geochemistry and Nd isotopic study of Neoproterozoic bi.. Li XH 618
基于Flex的WebGIS框架设计与实现 刘俊 588
Partial melting of thickened or delaminated lower crust in the middle of eastern C.. Wang Q 568
Removal of hexavalent chromium [Cr(VI)] from aqueous solutions by the diatomite-su.. Yuan, Peng 566
PGE geochemistry and Re-Os dating of massive sulfide ores from the Baimazhai Cu-Ni.. Sun XM 519
Arc-like volcanic rocks from the southern Lancangjiang zone, SW China: Geochronolo.. Peng TP 507
The temporal and spatial distribution of volcanism in the South China Sea region Yan P 504
Cretaceous magmatism and lithospheric extension in Southeast China Li XH 489
Eocene north-south trending dikes in central Tibet: New constraints on the timing .. Wang, Qiang 483
NE-SW-trending Hepu-Hetai dextral shear zone in southern China: Penetration of the.. Zhang Kai-Jun 478
U-Pb zircon, geochemical and Sr-Nd-Hf isotopic constraints on age and origin of Ju.. Li XH 471
Chemical characteristics and sources of organic acids in precipitation at a semi-u.. Zhang, YL 452
Initiation of the Indosinian Orogeny in South China: Evidence for a Permian magmat.. Li XH 447
Late Paleozoic calc-alkaline to shoshonitic magmatism and its geodynamic implicati.. Yang, Wu-Bin 445
Municipal solid waste (MSW) as a renewable source of energy: Current and future pr.. Cheng, Hefa 426
Calcite Sm-Nd isochron age of the Shuiyindong Carlin-type gold deposit, Guizhou, C.. Su Wenchao 424
The Sr and Nd isotopic variations of the Chinese Loess Plateau during the past 7 M.. Wang YX 404
Integrating eco-efficiency and eco-effectiveness into the design of sustainable in.. Wang, GM 402
Major and trace element variations of the sediments at ODP Site 1144, South China .. Wei GJ 398
Contrasting zircon Hf and O isotopes in the two episodes of Neoproterozoic granito.. Zheng YF 388
When did the emeishan mantle plume activity start? Geochronological and geochemica.. Guo F 386
Modification of Wyoming montmorillonite surfaces using a cationic surfactant Xi YF 386
Zircon SHRIMP dating of sodium alkaline rocks from Maomaogou area of Huili County .. Liu HY 383
Photocatalytic degradation and kinetics of Orange G using nano-sized Sn(IV)/TiO2/A.. Sun JH 383
Geochronological constraints on the timing of migmatization in the Dabie Shan, Eas.. Wang JH 382
Comment on Was the Indosinian orogeny a Triassic mountain building or a thermotect.. Cai JX 379
Photodegradation of azo dye Congo Red from aqueous solution by the WO3-TiO2/activa.. Sun Jian-hui 379
Chemical composition and sources of PM10 and PM2.5 aerosols in Guangzhou, China Wang XH 367
Persistent Halogenated Compounds in Waterbirds from an e-Waste Recycling Region in.. Luo Xiao-Jun 361
Discovery of super-silicic and super-titanic garnets in garnet-pyroxenite in Zhahe.. Niu HC 359
Formation of the 1300-km-wide intracontinental orogen and postorogenic magmatic pr.. Li ZX 357
Obduction-type granites within the NE Jiangxi Ophiolite: Implications for the fina.. Li WX 356
Petrogenesis of Carboniferous adakites and Nb-enriched arc basalts in the Alataw a.. Wang Q 349
Jurassic gabbro-granite-syenite suites from Southern Jiangxi province, SE China: A.. Li XH 347
Kinetics of hydrocarbon generation for Well Yingnan 2 gas reservoir, Tarim Basin, .. Xiao ZY 347
Montmorillonite-supported magnetite nanoparticles for the removal of hexavalent ch.. Yuan Peng 346
Geochronology of Neoproterozoic syn-rift magmatism in the Yangtze Craton, South Ch.. Li ZX 341
Rare earth elements stratigraphic significance in late Permian coal measure from B.. Wang Q 341
A tectonic model for Cenozoic igneous activities in the eastern Indo-Asian collisi.. Wang JH 339
Early Cretaceous gabbroic rocks from the Taihang Mountains: Implications for a pal.. Wang YJ 339
Preparation, characterization and photocatalytic activity of nano-sized ZnO/SnO2 c.. Wang C 338
SHRIMP U-Pb zircon age of the Jinchuan ultramafic intrusion and its geological sig.. Li XH 338
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in sediments from the Pearl river and estuary, Ch.. Mai BX 332
Energy saving and emission reduction revolutionizing China's environmental protect.. Wang, Qiang 328
FTIR investigation of CTAB-Al-montmorillonite complexes Xue WH 326
Rapid resolution liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry method for the det.. Chen, Feng 324
Geochronological, geochemical and geothermal constraints on petrogenesis of the In.. Wang YJ 323
Underplating-related adakites in Xinjiang Tianshan, China Zhao ZH 321
Atmospheric levels and cytotoxicity of PAHs and heavy metals in TSP and PM2.5 at a.. Deng WJ 319
Age and origin of high Ba-Sr appinite-granites at the northwestern margin of the T.. Ye HM 314
A new model for the Indochina and South China collision during the Late Permian to.. Cai Jian-Xin 314
Geochronology and geochemistry of Permian basalts in western Guangxi Province, Sou.. Fan WM 312
Lead (Pb) isotopic fingerprinting and its applications in lead pollution studies i.. Cheng, Hefa 312
Neoproterozoic granitoids in South China: crustal melting above a mantle plume at .. Li XH 308
MORB-type rocks from the Paleo-Tethyan Mian-Lueyang northern ophiolite in the Qinl.. Xu JF 306
Geochemistry of mineralization with exchangeable REY in the weathering crusts of g.. Bao ZW 303
Geochemical, Sr-Nd and zircon U-Pb-Hf isotopic studies of Late Carboniferous magma.. Geng Hongyan 303
Persistent organochlorines in human breast milk from major metropolitan cities in .. Devanathan Gnanasekaran 301
Neoproterozoic bimodal magmatism in the Cathaysia Block of South China and its tec.. Li WX 298
Eocene break-off of the Neo-Tethyan slab as inferred from intraplate-type mafic dy.. Xu YG 298
Organoclays prepared from montmorillonites with different cation exchange capacity.. He, Hongping 297
Melting experiments of a chondritic meteorite between 16 and 25 GPa: Implication f.. Chen M 294
Geochemical constraints on the genesis of the Bayan Obo Fe-Nb-REE deposit in Inner.. Yang Xiao-Yong 291
Thermo-tectonic destruction of the archaean lithospheric keel beneath the Sino-Kor.. Xu YG 290
Geochemistry and Sr-Nd isotope systematics of metabasites in the Tunchang area, Ha.. Xu D 290
Determination of commonly used azole antifungals in various waters and sewage slud.. Huang, Qiuxin 289
Petrogenesis of Cretaceous adakitic and shoshonitic igneous rocks in the Luzong ar.. Wang Q 288
广东省碳源碳汇现状评估及增加碳汇潜力分析 匡耀求 284
Odorous volatile organic sulfides in wastewater treatment plants in Guangzhou, Chi.. Sheng YQ 282
Effects of hydrological processes on the chemical composition of riverine suspende.. Gao QZ 281
850-790 Ma bimodal volcanic and intrusive rocks in northern Zhejiang, South China:.. Li XH 281
Neoproterozoic tectonic evolution of the northwestern Yangtze craton, South China:.. Ling WL 280
Seamount volcanism associated with the Xigaze ophiolite, Southern Tibet Xia B 280
Possible REE constraints on the depositional and diagenetic environment of Doushan.. Chen DF 279
Theoretical study on the chemical properties of polybrominated diphenyl ethers Zhao YY 279
the use of microscopy techniques to analyze microbial biofilm of the bio-oxidized .. Jiang Lei 278
Adsorption of phosphate from aqueous solution onto modified palygorskites Ye HP 276
Structural controls on fluid flow and related mineralization in the Xiangshan uran.. Lin G 275
The age of the potassic alkaline igneous rocks along the Ailao Shan-Red River shea.. Liang HY 275
Geochronology and geochemistry of single-grain zircons: Simultaneous in-situ analy.. Li XH 274
Grenvillian continental collision in south China: New SHRIMP U-Pb zircon results a.. Li ZX 272
Geochemistry and origin of sour gas accumulations in the northeastern Sichuan Basi.. Li J 272
Monitoring mangrove forest changes using remote sensing and GIS data with decision.. Liu K 268
LA-ICP-MS U-Pb zircon geochronology and geochemistry of Paleoproterozoic mafic dyk.. Wang YJ 267
A river erosion estimate on the Loess Plateau: a case study from Luohe River, a se.. Zhu ZY 264
A new age constraint on the onset of the neoproterozoic glaciations in the Yangtze.. Zhang QR 264
Visible gold in arsenian pyrite at the Shuiyindong Carlin-type gold deposit, Guizh.. Su WC 262
Determination of 42 trace elements in seawater by inductively coupled plasma mass .. Sun Y 260
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文章名称 第一作者 下载量
全部 所外 国外
文章名称 第一作者 下载量