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Understanding Himalayan erosion and the significance of the Nicobar Fan 期刊论文
EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS, 2017, 卷号: 475, 页码: 134-142
Authors:  McNeill, Lisa C.;  Dugan, Brandon;  Backman, Jan;  Pickering, Kevin T.;  Pouderoux, Hugo F. A.;  Henstock, Timothy J.;  Petronotis, Katerina E.;  Carter, Andrew;  Chemale, Farid, Jr.;  Milliken, Kitty L.;  Kutterolf, Steffen;  Mukoyoshi, Hideki;  Chen, Wenhuang;  Kachovich, Sarah;  Mitchison, Freya L.;  Bourlange, Sylvain;  Colson, Tobias A.;  Frederik, Marina C. G.;  Guerin, Gilles;  Hamahashi, Mari;  House, Brian M.;  Huepers, Andre;  Jeppson, Tamara N.;  Kenigsberg, Abby R.;  Kuranaga, Mebae;  Nair, Nisha;  Owari, Satoko;  Shan, Yehua;  Song, Insun;  Torres, Marta E.;  Vannucchi, Paola;  Vrolijk, Peter J.;  Yang, Tao;  Zhao, Xixi;  Thomas, Ellen
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Release of mineral-bound water prior to subduction tied to shallow seismogenic slip off Sumatra 期刊论文
SCIENCE, 2017, 卷号: 356, 期号: 6340, 页码: 841-844
Authors:  Huepers, Andre;  Torres, Marta E.;  Owari, Satoko;  McNeill, Lisa C.;  Dugan, Brandon;  Henstock, Timothy J.;  Milliken, Kitty L.;  Petronotis, Katerina E.;  Backman, Jan;  Bourlange, Sylvain;  Chemale, Farid, Jr.;  Chen, Wenhuang;  Colson, Tobias A.;  Frederik, Marina C. G.;  Guerin, Gilles;  Hamahashi, Mari;  House, Brian M.;  Jeppson, Tamara N.;  Kachovich, Sarah;  Kenigsberg, Abby R.;  Kuranaga, Mebae;  Kutterolf, Steffen;  Mitchison, Freya L.;  Mukoyoshi, Hideki;  Nair, Nisha;  Pickering, Kevin T.;  Pouderoux, Hugo F. A.;  Shan, Yehua;  Song, Insun;  Vannucchi, Paola;  Vrolijk, Peter J.;  Yang, Tao;  Zhao, Xixi
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