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Trophic transfer of methylmercury and brominated flame retardants in adjacent riparian and aquatic food webs: C-13 indicates biotransport of contaminants through food webs 期刊论文
ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION, 2022, 卷号: 306, 页码: 7
Authors:  Wu, Xiaodan;  Chen, Laiguo;  Li, Xiaoyun;  Cao, Xingpei;  Zheng, Xiaobo;  Li, Ronghua;  Zhang, Jia ' en;  Luo, Xiaojun;  Mai, Bixian
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High-performance nontarget analysis of halogenated organic compounds in tap water, fly ash, soil and sediment using ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometry and scripting approaches based on Cl/ Br-specific search algorithms 期刊论文
ANALYTICA CHIMICA ACTA, 2022, 卷号: 1204, 页码: 10
Authors:  Tang, Caiming;  Chen, Guangshi;  Jiang, Bin;  Tan, Jianhua;  Liang, Yutao;  Lin, Hui;  Zeng, Yanhong;  Luo, Xiaojun;  Mai, Bixian;  Peng, Xianzhi
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Bioaccumulation and translocation of organophosphate esters in a Mangrove Nature Reserve from the Pearl River Estuary, South China 期刊论文
Authors:  Xie, Jinli;  Pei, Nancai;  Sun, Yuxin;  Chen, Zhongyang;  Cheng, Yuanyue;  Chen, Laiguo;  Xie, Chenmin;  Dai, Shouhui;  Zhu, Chunyou;  Luo, Xiaojun;  Zhang, Li;  Mai, Bixian
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Insight into phototransformation mechanism and toxicity evolution of novel and legacy brominated flame retardants in water: A comparative analysis 期刊论文
WATER RESEARCH, 2022, 卷号: 211, 页码: 9
Authors:  Cao, Ya;  Gao, Yanpeng;  Hu, Xinyi;  Zeng, Yanhong;  Luo, Xiaojun;  Li, Guiying;  An, Taicheng;  Mai, Bixian
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Occurrence and Distribution of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in Amphibian Species: Implications from Biomagnification Factors Based on Quantitative Fatty Acid Signature Analysis 期刊论文
ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, 2022, 卷号: 56, 期号: 5, 页码: 3117-3126
Authors:  Ding, Yang;  Zheng, Xiaobo;  Yu, Lehuan;  Lu, Ruifeng;  Wu, Xiaodan;  Luo, Xiaojun;  Mai, Bixian
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石化工业园员工PAHs的皮肤暴露及健康风险 期刊论文
中国环境科学, 2022, 卷号: 42, 期号: 11, 页码: 5427-5435
Authors:  郭建[1,2];  罗孝俊[1];  管克兰[1,2];  吕银知[1,2];  曾艳红[1];  麦碧娴[1]
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生物对得克隆物种特异性立体异构体选择性富集及其潜在机理 期刊论文
生态毒理学报, 2022, 卷号: 17, 期号: 1, 页码: 47-59
Authors:  刘红英[1];  罗孝俊[2]
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南海永兴岛和东岛土壤中微塑料和卤代阻燃剂的分布特征 期刊论文
生态环境学报, 2022, 卷号: 31, 期号: 5, 页码: 1008-1014
Authors:  谢晨敏[1,3];  隆楚月[1,3];  黎大宁[1];  朱春友[2];  彭先芝[2];  孙毓鑫[1];  罗孝俊[2];  张黎[1];  麦碧娴[2]
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卤代有机污染物的组织差异性生物富集研究 期刊论文
生态毒理学报, 2022, 卷号: 17, 期号: 4, 页码: 141-149
Authors:  江逸野[1,2];  曾艳红[1];  张艳婷[1,2];  唐斌[3];  罗孝俊[1];  麦碧娴[1]
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Nontarget analysis and comprehensive characterization of halogenated organic pollutants by GC-Q-Orbitrap-HRMS in association with chromatogram segmentation and Cl/Br-specific screening algorithms 期刊论文
ANALYTICA CHIMICA ACTA, 2022, 卷号: 1222, 页码: 340171
Authors:  Tang, Caiming;  Chen, Guangshi;  Liang, Yutao;  Liao, Jianbo;  Lin, Hui;  Huang, Chenchen;  Zeng, Yanhong;  Luo, Xiaojun;  Peng, Xianzhi;  Mai, Bixian
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